Do you need a European Union flag registration that is valid around the world and is available to all nationalities? If yes, we can provide you with a Slovenian (Slovenia is a Member State of the European Union) flag registration. We can provide either a Private Yacht Registration and/or a Commercial Yacht Registration.

Need to register a Mega Yacht? Visit our Mega Yacht VAT Deferment website for more information!

Asset Tokenization: Unlocking The Value Of Maritime Assets

Ship tokenization is a groundbreaking concept revolutionizing the maritime industry. By converting ship ownership into digital tokens on a blockchain, it introduces a transparent and efficient way to buy, sell, and trade ownership fractions in vessels. This innovative approach enhances liquidity, widens investor participation, and creates new avenues for financing ships. CLICK HERE to learn more!

Why Slovenia?

Slovenia has a highly educated workforce, well-developed infrastructure, and is situated at a major transport crossroads.

Private/Charter Yachts

The entire process is simple and straightforward, as you do not need a Yacht Survey and can be done in less than two weeks.


f you are not a European Union citizen, we will set up a European Company for you and you will transfer the ownership of your vessel.